Advising Families

Comprised of lawyers of several different jurisdictions, Ciemme Trustees Srl offers legal and tax analysis, and advice to individuals and families that feel it is important to protect their wealth, as well as prepare and organise its transmission to the next generation. To better serve you, and offer a global and exhaustive analysis of your situation, our team works closely with a wide relationship of attorneys, family advisors, private banks, trustees and other institutions all around the globe. Through careful and judicious expertise, Ciemme Trustees is able to assist you and carry out the necessary relocation and structuring measures that will facilitate the management and protection of your wealth, as well as its transmission to the generation following you.

Our approach is discreet, intimate, and permanent, as we believe in the needs for our clients and their family to count on a longstanding and close relationship with its advisors. We constantly strive to carry out the planning and preservation of each of our client’s assets and heritage in a way that is culturally sensitive and supports their unique needs and aspirations. We go above and beyond to cultivate deep, lasting relationships with each of our clients, their family and advisors. We believe in knowing our clients’ family and helping each member understand the way the family wealth has been organized, secured and prepared for transmission. We believe in creating and maintaining a close relationship with the families we advise, so as to serve as a transmission aid to information whenever needed. That is why our principals and lawyers travel as often as may be needed to meet our clients, family members and advisors. We like to consider ourselves as a global family of lawyers and advisors, serving our clients at all times and places, as part of that family.

Since its inception by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, both well-known and highly experienced New-Zealand lawyers, Ciemme Trustees has focused on reinforcing and expanding its expertise in legal and global advice services, to facilitate the security, planning, preservation and transmission of wealth and property, with a particular skill in understanding and resolving conflicts of law across multiple legal systems. As we are sensitive to the particular needs of global families, we work to regularize our clients’ positions to insure they are and will continue to be fully compliant with all international laws and regulations that may apply to them, both for their protection and that of the generations to follow.

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