Ethics & Social Responsibility


Ciemme Trustees Srl adheres to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Our clients’ privacy and security is our primary objective and we make sure that all information we are given by our clients and their advisors is treated with the utmost level of confidentiality.

Our approach, that privileges face to face meetings over arms-length communication, allows us to complete the full and constant due-diligence process, which we demand from our clients, as well as from the third-party advisors that serve them together with us. This approach assures that we build and maintain strong relationships and are able to institute prompt problem-solving.

We ensure that each client is in full compliance with international rules and regulations that may apply to them and require that our clients take advice in their country of residence whenever necessary. In our tasks of coordinating those advisors, our due diligence process ensures that all services performed on behalf of our clients embrace a verified provenance.

Social Responsibility

It is both a matter of ethics and of values that we strive to carry forward into the future, than to support those working to improve the world in a meaningful way.

This is an important part of the Group’s identity and, to this end, we donate funds, as well as our time, to community organisations in the jurisdictions where we do business. We proudly presently support the following organisations : the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Doctors without Borders, Minds for Minds, the Foundation to Promote Education in Malawi, the Children’s hospital of Buenos Aires and the Foundation to develop and staff family hospitals in Laos.

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