Structuring Wealth

Our team of lawyers at Ciemme Trustees Srl enjoy decades of experience in assisting clients in finding the best solution and suitable service providers to establish and manage the required structures to hold their international property, protect their assets and provide for family succession and governance. Our lawyers are trained to offer objective and independent advice, providing a trusted global overview and ensuring all the work done on our client’s behalf is carried out in the smoothest and most responsive way possible. Seamless collaboration between family lawyers, accountants, family officers and investment advisors is the root of each client’s success. As primary advisors, Ciemme Trustees unites these relationships.

When deemed suitable and decided together with our clients’ family advisors and officers, we also make available to our clients the necessary fiduciary and accounting services through our sister companies, based in various locations in the world, (see our International Presence page for details). Those companies offer diverse management structures, and in particular Trustee services for worldwide wealth and property, including real estate, art, aircraft, boats, businesses, collections, financial assets and investments under management.

Decades of establishing and managing both simple and complex trusts for clients all over the world have enabled our Group to respond to a full range of circumstances, which may motivate a family to establish a Trust. The lawyers and Trust Officers of our Group have acquired over the years a global understanding of high net-worth families, allowing us to align their interests with their goals in a way that will most benefit them and their loved ones for generations to come. Their ethos is to cultivate responsive, long-lasting relationships and, to that end, ensure regular face-to-face meetings with clients, their family members and their advisors.

In addition, Ciemme Trustees works in open architecture, and we collaborate closely with a wide range of international legal firms and fiduciary companies. Once your specific goals and objectives have been identified, our team will work closely with you to coordinate the works of the service providers required to help form the structures needed, and will assist you in putting in place best practices for day-to-day management.

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